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If you haven't seen my me page then you might not know that i didn't go on a rollercoaster before I was 18 (well not really). Just one of those things you grow up thinking, I'd like to think that i'd like that, but i'm not gonna try it through fear of finding out that I, in fact don't like it.

So it's something you never do, until you get given the chance or you're forced to then you were scared of nothing and you were stupid to have at least not found out 10 years earlier; but you're just happy you know now cos you've got the rest of your life to enjoy it now :)

So that's basically it, soon after my 18th birthday, my sister and Ivan took me to Alton Towers, and i haven't looked back since!

I've been trekking all over the country, and starting to go abroad now trying to experience as many thrill machines as possible. It's only money that stops me from going all round the world, but that time will come ;) I just need a steady job first hehe.

Below is a list of the rollercoasters I've ridden so far...

Ride NameParkFirst Ridden
AIRAlton TowersMarch 2002
NemesisAlton TowersJune 2001
OblivionAlton TowersJune 2001
Runaway Mine TrainAlton TowersJune 2001
Spinball WhizzerAlton TowersJune 2004
The Black HoleAlton TowersJune 2001
The CorkscrewAlton TowersJune 2001
Crazy MouseBlackpool Ocean PierOctober 2001
AvalancheBlackpool Pleasure BeachAugust 2001
Big DipperBlackpool Pleasure BeachOctober 2001
Grand NationalBlackpool Pleasure BeachAugust 2001
Pepsi Max Big OneBlackpool Pleasure BeachAugust 2001
RevolutionBlackpool Pleasure BeachOctober 2001
RollercoasterBlackpool Pleasure BeachAugust 2001
Space InvaderBlackpool Pleasure BeachOctober 2001
SteeplechaseBlackpool Pleasure BeachAugust 2001
Wild MouseBlackpool Pleasure BeachOctober 2001
Zipper DipperBlackpool Pleasure BeachAugust 2001
Big AppleBotton's Pleasure BeachSeptember 2002
Queen BeeBotton's Pleasure BeachSeptember 2002
Runaway TrainBotton's Pleasure BeachSeptember 2002
StormBotton's Pleasure BeachSeptember 2002
Buffalo CoasterDrayton Manor ParkApril 1993
Klondike Old MineDrayton Manor ParkSeptember 2001
ShockwaveDrayton Manor ParkSeptember 2001
Super DragonDrayton Manor ParkApril 1993
Scenic RailwayDreamland, MargateSeptember 2003
Fantasy MouseFantasy Island, SkegnessSeptember 2002
Jubilee OdysseyFantasy Island, SkegnessSeptember 2002
Millenium Roller CoasterFantasy Island, SkegnessSeptember 2002
Rhombus's RocketFantasy Island, SkegnessSeptember 2002
ThunderboltGroveland, WalesAugust 2003
HydroOakwood, WalesJuly 2002
MegafobiaOakwood, WalesJuly 2002
TreetopsOakwood, WalesJuly 2002
Mini Mine TrainPleasureland, CleethorpesAugust 1998
CyclonePleasureland, SouthportSeptember 2001
King Solomon's Mine TrainPleasureland, SouthportSeptember 2001
TraumatizerPleasureland, SouthportSeptember 2001
El CondorSix Flags Holland, NetherlandsMay 2003
Flying Dutchman Gold MineSix Flags Holland, NetherlandsMay 2003
GoliathSix Flags Holland, NetherlandsMay 2003
Road Runner ExpressSix Flags Holland, NetherlandsMay 2003
Robin HoodSix Flags Holland, NetherlandsMay 2003
Superman The RideSix Flags Holland, NetherlandsMay 2003
Via VoltaSix Flags Holland, NetherlandsMay 2003
CollosusThorpe Park, LondonMay 2002
Flying FishThorpe Park, LondonMay 2002
Nemesis InfernoThorpe Park, LondonSeptember 2003
X:/ No Way OutThorpe Park, LondonMay 2002
Total : 50

As you might have noticed, spinball was my 50th this summer, which is kinda cool. Not bad for a couple of year's riding...but if you're reading this and thinking that checking out some of the latest rides the world has to offer might be a good idea, why not visit the indispensable RCDB Website.

Alternatively, why not see what the European Coaster Club are upto? It's how I manage to get great chances to ride amazing coasters before everyone else and find out about huge new rides about to spring up all over the UK!

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