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It's been something I've wanted to get into for a long time. Probably cos because I love clubbing, but dancing gets boring after a bit; and I've always loved music, but playing it is too boring and writing it is too difficult. So what better than playing music by great artists in a club atmosphere but having the opportunity to put your own personal stamp on the result.

...well I guess that's what being a DJ is in theory.

Anyway, I finally got the money together for a pair of second-hand 1210s off ebay and a mixer from Soundcontrol. All three were purchased at a very reasonable price, which left me the money for only a handful of vinyl before I totally ran out of overdraught. That was 6th November 2002.

I realise as I write this it's gonna take a *little* while to get half decent on them and build up a sizable vinyl collection. So I'm treating this area of the site not as a 'hey look at me' page, but as somewhere I can upload stuff I've done and see if I'm actually improving.

Current Setup

DecksTechnics 1210 Mk2
Current MixerNumark DM3002X
Current HeadphonesSony MDR V700
Total Vinyl52

Pipe Dreams ;)

Hopeful Next PurhasePioneer CDJ-1000

If your net connection is upto it take a look at some of the mixes below, they should be recent ones, and i'll try and keep making and uploading them, just right-click and choose save target as...


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