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stylised shot of my room and projector on the wall

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billy budgie - proudly owned by my sister and ivan :)

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Greetings! This site - the way I see it - seems to be very much geared about me, and quite rightly so, cos it is in fact mine, (all mine! MUHAHAHA!) anyway, i thought maybe it would be a good time to start mentioning some other people?
Well you don't have the answer that, I'll just assume you agree, so who had input on the website? Well this site's been different to previous incarnations cos it's kinda been under-wraps, so i worked on it, and now it's launched! Rather than developing it as i go along. But still...

• Thanks Ivan for helping me a little with probably every line of code in this site in particular imgbook and northpoll - "As bad as IE might be, it's what everyone uses and I have to design with it in mind! :("

• Thanks Wordpress for the blogger i'm using, it's a great tool and I couldn't write anything as good myself, but you sure as hell have to hack it down to get it to do something simple! What about some toogle on/offs for the main features? - "..anyhow keep up the good work!"

• Thanks Rob for what can only be described as inspiration and incentive to proove myself as a designer who doesn't just churn out "cheesey" graphics :-p hehe - "Run run little man!"

• Thanks Chris for pleasant critique and information concerning how bad it looks in a mac browser :-/ - "My old life wasn't as glamourous as my webpage made it look"

• Thanks Ali for not actually having anything to do with this website but wanting to see it before it was done so much, that you made me make sure it was at least pretty; if not worth the wait :) - "Pigfix"

• Thanks Keir for taking a look early on and telling what you thought - "Remember - The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people"

• Thanks Rich for also showing an interest and telling me my site looked luvly, even if it was just so i'd solve all your html table bugs!! - "You need some neon and NOS for that golf of yours!"

• Thanks guy from Heavy-Rotation, don't remember your name, sorry :-/ but you wrote me some very simple (to you i'm sure) but enigmatic actionscript for one of my flash movies :)

• Thanks to everyone who in the coming months I choose one of your photos as one of my 'thumbs' I try and use ones that i've either snapped or rendered myself, but sometimes i spot stuff that i just feel should be put on display for all to see :) In which case i will always strive to acknowledge your creative copyright :D

• And finally, thanks to all those people who have told me stuff or in some way exposed me to influences that have blossomed in my brain and manifested themselves in the form of content somewhere on my website. You should sleep soundly in your beds, safe in the knowledge that you have doubtlessly helped build the monolith that is

Thank you all! {Picks up fragile statuette-like award with badly attached plastic base and walks off stage to the relief of award ceremony audience}

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